The Most Effective TENS Electrode Placement

This article will share the most effective TENS electrode placement that will help you maximize the results you receive from your treatment.  There are a number of patterns that can be followed for placement of TENS electrodes, and this article will describe when it is best to use each of them.

Benefits Of TENS

TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, is FDA approved and safe in treating pain, inflammation, and improving function for individuals suffering from new or chronic conditions.  Electrical stimulation has been used therapeutically for decades by healthcare professionals, and with the advent of a home TENS unit, patients are now able to continue the rewarding effects that they receive from TENS therapy long after they are discharged from formal medical treatment.

TENS has helped millions of individuals reduce pain, and be able to perform daily activities more comfortably or without pain.  Another benefit of TENS therapy is that due to the reduction in pain, many individuals no longer need as much or any pain medications or other forms of pharmacological interventions.  Reducing the number of drugs one has to take to manage pain saves money and decreases the risk of becoming dependent on narcotics.

How TENS Units Work

A portable TENS unit is a small unit – about the size of a cellphone that can easily be carried in a pocket or clipped to your waistline.  TENS units range from the ultra fancy – to the base models, but each does the same basic function.  Electrical stimulation effectively blocks the transmission of pain signals from the injured area from reaching the brain.  If the pain signals do not reach the brain, then they remain undetected – or not felt by the patient.  The therapeutic stimulation that a TENS machine elicits has also been shown to be successful at reducing the amount of inflammation in an injured area – which can also further lead to reduced pain, better motion, and increased strength of the surrounding muscles.

Ideal TENS Electrode Placement

TENS Electrode PlacementThe first thing to determine in establishing the TENS electrode placement pattern is if you want to simultaneously treat two separate areas – or one area.  If you are going to treat two areas, you need to utilize one channel for each area (each channel has two electrodes that are interconnected).  It is important to understand that the therapeutic current that is passed through the electrodes and into the treatment area actually arcs between the two electrodes on the skin.  Therefore, you want to make sure that the target area you would like to treat is located in the middle of the two electrodes if using only two to treat an area.

If you decide to focus the full force of the TENS stimulation and utilize all four electrodes in your TENS electrode placement, then you simply make a box surrounding the treatment area with each channel crossing diagonally through the targeted area.  This way, the diagonal placement of the electrodes in each corner of the box surrounding the treatment area will ensure that the current is pulled through the center of the treatment area.

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