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Wondering about where the best place is to buy your replacement TENS electrodes?  This article will detail how to save serious money by buying your TENS electrodes from the most trustworthy and reliable electrode wholesaler on the internet.

TENS Electrodes

TENS electrodes are utilized to carry a therapeutic electrical stimulation current from a TENS unit machine to the targeted treatment area on your body.  A high-quality electrode makes all the difference between an effective treatment, and wasted time.  However, so many electrodes will break your wallet with their outrageous prices.  That is where www.BuyElectrodes.com steps to the forefront to deliver you with not only the highest-quality electrode which will last for many, many treatments – but also at a price which makes the competition run for cover.

TENS Electrode Wholesale Prices

Due to the fact that BuyElectrodes.com specializes in selling TENS electrodes, they are able to pass along significant savings to you the customer due to the high volume of electrodes that they sell.  The prices of their premium electrodes will leave your wallet smiling, as well as your body after you have achieved the maximum benefit from your electrical stimulator.

Benefits Of TENS Electrodes

TENS units and electrodes have been used for decades by health professionals to aid in the treatment of pain, reduce inflammation, and increase the pain-free function of patients.  Now that same technology is available for individuals to use at home with the convenience of a home TENS unit.  The right electrodes though make all the difference in the effectiveness of the treatment.  The optimum TENS electrode spreads the current evenly through the pad (eliminating any “hot spot”), lasts 30+ usages with high-grade adhesive, and has a solid anchoring system to reduce the likelihood that the lead could be separated from the electrode body during the treatment.

Extreme Savings On TENS Electrodes

Not only will BuyElectrodes.com save you a tremendous amount initially on the purchase of your TENS electrodes, but you will save even more due to the fact you can use their electrodes for so much longer than the cheaper alternatives on the market.  Most discounted electrodes use substandared adhesives and are poorly constructed, meaning that you must replace them after fewer treatments.  Not so with BuyElectrodes.com’s electrodes.  Made only with the choicest of materials and adhesives, they will outlast their competitors any day of the week.

Order Your Tens Pads Today

Our electrodes are 2″ x 2″ (50mm x 50mm), cloth mesh-backed, self-adhesive electrodes. They are carbon backed, highly versatile, the leads are strongly bonded to the electrode body, and reusable for at least many, many applications.

TENS Machine

TENS Machines

Simply select the TENS pad package you’d like from the drop down menu. Also, we charge only $3.50 per order for shipping/handling within the USA, regardless of the order size! Prices start at $2.99/pack and drop to $2.39/pack with the largest combination pack. No one in the business will offer anywhere near the quality of Tens unit electrodes at these bottom-floor prices! Order yours today and take advantage of our unbeatable pricing and fast shipping!


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