Electrode Tips – Get the Best Deal On A Tens Electrode

Looking for the best deal on a Tens Electrode?  Then look no further.  We will share the highest-quality seller of Tens electrodes, who also has the best prices in the business.  As well, read on to hear about the health benefits of using Tens electrodes.

Benefits of Tens Electrodes

ElectrodeTENS utilizes a therapeutic electrical current that is both safe and easy to use in treating the body. 

TENS electrical stimulation also offers a number of benefits for individuals – but it is most commonly used for pain-relief, as an anti-inflammatory modality, and even to strengthen muscles if the current is strong enough.

TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, has been utilized to help patients since the 1970’s.  Approved by the FDA, TENS is also available in portable units which can be taken with you wherever you go in helping to treat your symptoms.  Research has found TENS to be very effective at reducing pain from osteoarthritis, postoperative pain, and acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain.

What Makes A Good Tens Electrode

There are many attributes that make a Tens electrode higher quality.  First, you want a good adhesive which anchors the electrode to the skin.  Many companies use cheap adhesives that fail to stick after several applications.  BuyElectrodes.com’s electrodes will continue to function at their highest potential long after 20-30 treatments.

Another characteristic that makes a good Tens Electrode is how the lead wire is anchored in the belly of the electrode.  BuyElectrodes.com’s electrode’s lead wires are anchored better than any other electrode in the business.  They fan out to spread the electrical current transmission over a larger area of the electrode – instead of creating a hot spot in the center.

The backing of an electrode also can help you determine the quality of the electrode.  BuyElectrodes.com’s electrodes have the industry’s highest quality cloth-backed electrodes that are durable and will withstand countless uses.

Extend Your Tens Electrode’s Life

Any electrode will fail after used for an extended period of time, but there are a few things that you can do which can greatly increase the lifespan of an electrode.  First, you want to make sure you purchase a high quality electrode that has a good adhesive – such as the electrodes sold at BuyElectrodes.com.  Secondly, you want to make sure the skin where you are applying the electrode is clean of sweat, oil, and dirt.  If there is dead skin below the electrode, that too can decrease the lifespan of the adhesive on the electrode.

After a certain period of time, once the adhesive is not as tacky as it was originally – there is a trick in rejuvenating its adhesive.  Simply wash the adhesive with some soap and water gently with your finger, then allow the electrode to air dry.  This should aid in increasing the stickiness of the electrode.  Another trick is to gently heat the adhesive – this will make it temporarily more sticky.

Electrode – Who Makes The Best

Without question, the best electrode available today is sold by BuyElectrodes.com.  These electrodes come in a package of 4 and are made with the industry’s finest materials to ensure you have a product that you can use much longer than that of the competitors.  Not only are the electrodes on BuyElectrodes.com superior in quality, but you will also never find a place that can beat their prices.

Order Your High Quality Tens Electrodes Today

Our electrodes are 2″ x 2″ (50mm x 50mm), cloth mesh-backed, self-adhesive electrodes. They are carbon backed, highly versatile, the leads are strongly bonded to the electrode body, and reusable for at least 20-30 applications – although people commonly use them for much, much longer.

TENS Machine

TENS Machines

Simply select the package you’d like from the drop down menu — you’ll save extra with the more you buy. Also, we charge only $3.50 per order for shipping/handling within the USA, regardless of the order size! Prices start at $2.99/pack and drop to $2.39/pack with the largest combination pack. No one in the business will offer anywhere near the quality of Tens unit electrodes at these bottom-floor prices! Order yours today and take advantage of our unbeatable pricing and fast shipping!

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