Electrode Pad Tips – Where To Get The Best Deal

Looking to get the best deal on your order for an electrode pad?  This article will tell you what is important to know about an electrode pad, and where to get the best value for an electrode pad.

Purpose Of An Electrode Pad

Electrode PadAn electrode pad is a medical component that is utilized in carrying an electrical stimulation current from the stimulation unit to the treatment area of the body.  An electrode pad, which is typically reusable and adhesive, contacts the skin surrounding the treatment area of the body to disperse a therapeutic current through the target area.

Important Electrode Pad Attributes

Wondering what the most important attributes are when deciphering a poor electrode pad from the best electrode pad?  Since most electrode pads are reusable for many treatments, you want to ensure you have an electrode pad that has a high-quality adhesive.  Secondly, you want to make sure your premium electrode pad has a solid anchor of the lead into the electrode pad body.  A solid lead will do two things:  1) spread the current evenly through the electrode pad and treatment area; and, 2) resist decapitation of the electrode body from the lead when putting the electrode pad on/off.  Thirdly, you want a quality electrode pad that has a cloth backing, instead of foam or other inferior products.  Construction with premium materials will allow you to use the electrode pad for much longer than competitors who used inferior products in their construction.

Best Deal For An Electrode Pad

BuyElectrodes.com is the absolute best value in the business for a premium electrode at an unbeatably low price.  BuyElectrodes.com’s electrodes are made from the highest quality adhesive, have a cloth backing for durability, and a solid lead anchor that will ensure an effective dispersion of the electrical stimulation through the treatment area.

Benefits Of Electrical Stimulation

There are many benefits of electrical stimulation, but the major benefits are reduced pain, inflammation, and improved function of the treatment area.  Electrical stimulation has been used by the medical community for decades, but has been recently made available for home use through a TENS unit.  TENS units are small, portable, and safe alternatives to help in reducing pain without the need of addictive narcotis.

Order Your Tens Unit Electrodes Today

The self adhesive electrode pads we recommend are 2″ x 2″ (50mm x 50mm), cloth-backed, self-adhesive electrodes from BuyElectrodes.com. They are carbon backed, used for multiple types of electrical stimulation, have strongly bonded leads to the electrode body, and reusable for many, many applications.

TENS Machine

TENS Machines

Simply select the TENS unit electrodes package you’d like from the drop down menu. Also, we charge only $3.50 per order for shipping/handling within the USA, regardless of the order size! Prices start at $2.99/pack and drop to $2.39/pack with the largest combination pack. No one in the business will offer anywhere near the quality of Tens unit electrodes at these bottom-floor prices! Order your TENS unit electrodes today and take advantage of our unbeatable pricing and fast shipping!


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