Electro Stim For Pain Relief

Looking for effective, safe, and inexpensive remedies for pain relief?  Then you need to consider electro stim for pain relief.  Electro stim is an effective, non-addictive, and versatile modality that can keep you doing the things you want to be doing without pain.  This article will tell you everything you need to know about electro stim and how it is used for pain relief.

Electro Stim Explained

Electro stim has been used by doctors and medical facilities for decades in helping patients deal with pain.  Not only does electro stim give you effective relief from pain, but research shows it also helps to reduce inflammation, improve strength, and increase mobility.  The multitude of benefits that people receive is just one reason why electro stim, or TENS, has grown to be such a popular way for people to live their lives with less pain.

An electro stim unit is usually the size of a cell phone or small pager that can be fastened to your waist line or belt.  Due to their portability, it is very easy to wear your electro stim unit while you work around the house – or are on the go.  An electro stim unit works by transferring a safe and therapeutic current level through leads that connect to the body via electrodes.  The electrodes are a crucial step in the transmission of the electro stim current.

Benefits Of Electro Stim

Electro StimThere are so many proven benefits of electro stim that have been shown in scientific study after study.  The main reasons why people utilize electro stim is for pain relief, reduced inflammation, improved strength, and increased range of motion.  Electro stim is a popular option for pain relief because it is non-addicting (like most pain meds), has few contraindications or interactions with other pain relief treatments (unlike medications), and delivers a much more cost effective treatment since you only have to purchase the unit once.

Electro Stim Electrodes

Electro stim electrodes are a crucial link in the effective transmission of the electrical current to the treatment area of the body.  A mediocre electrode will give you less than optimal results from your electro stim treatment.  There are several factors in determining the best electro stim electrode to purchase.  First, you want to make sure you get electrodes that are crafted with premium adhesive and will continue to stick despite many treatments.  Secondly, you want to make sure you get an electrode that has a solid anchor lead which both disperses the electro stim current evenly through the pad and prevens the premature separation of the lead from the body of the electrodes.  Thirdly, you want to make sure you get an electro stim electrode that is constructed with a cloth-backing which will be much more durable for you during your treatment.

Best Electro Stim Electrode Supplier

In searching for the best supplier for electro stim electrodes, there is no competition.  BuyElectrodes.com is the premier provider of premium electro stim electrodes.  Because the specialize in this market, and they sell huge quantities of electrodes – they are able to pass directly to you the vast savings you will see over other electro stim electrode providers.  Not only do they supply a superior product, but they also deliver the best value in the business.  BuyElectrodes.com’s electrodes are crafted with premium adhesive, have a solid anchor lead for even electro stim current dispersion through the treatment area, and are constructed with a durable cloth backing.

Order Your Electro Stim Electrodes Today

The electro stim electrodes we recommend are 2″ x 2″ (50mm x 50mm), cloth-backed, self-adhesive electrodes from BuyElectrodes.com. They are carbon backed, used for multiple types of electrical stimulation, have strongly bonded leads to the electrode body, and reusable for many, many applications.

TENS Machine

TENS Machines

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