Best Tens Electrode Placement Chart

Wondering the optimal electrode placement for your Tens and electrical stimulation treatments?  This article will show you the best tens electrode placement chart so as to remove any doubt that you are achieving the best possible outcomes from your electrical stimulation treatments.

TENS Treatment

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, is a very safe and effective method for relieving pain, increasing strength and motion, and improving function.  Tens is FDA approved, is non-habit forming, has no interactions with other drugs or treatments, and is very cost effective.  Tens has been extensively studied in medical research, which has confirmed the validity of its use as a pain-relieving modality.

Tens Benefits

The primary reason people utilize Tens is for pain relief.  However, there are so many other wonderful tens benefits that research has shown to also help patients.  For instance, Tens has also been shown to increase strength, increase mobility and range of motion, and decrease inflammation of the involved area.

Tens is extremely lightweight and portable – making it a cinch to wear while around your house or when you are at work.  Once you cover the initial cost of the tens unit, the only costs you have associated with continuing your treatment are the occasional tens replacement pads, and a 9 volt battery when your battery dies.  Due to the extremely low cost of Tens treatment, it is by far the most cost effective way to achieve pain relief.

Best Tens Electrode Placement Chart

Tens Electrode Placement ChartIn order to achieve optimal outcomes from your Tens treatments, the proper configuration of the electrodes around the treatment area is paramount.  Please consult the tens electrode placement chart picture to the left for further information. The first thing to remember about the transfer of current to the treatment area is that you need to have a good connection to the skin.  Substandard adhesive on an electrode, or an electrode that has begun to lose its stickiness will not transfer the full strength of the electrical current to the treatment area.

When placing the electrodes around a treatment area, you have a few options.  If you are treating two areas simultaneously, you might elect to put two electrodes near each site.  Knowing that the current arcs between the two electrodes that are on the same lead or channel, you want to space the two electrodes across from each other over the target site.

If you are going to use all four electrodes to treat a single area, it is best to employ a box method where you have each channel of electrodes diagonal from each other.  This way, as the current jumps between the two electrodes on the same channel, it is pulled through the treatment area.

Best Tens Electrodes has both the best prices on electrodes, as well as delivering a superior product.  Their electrodes are crafted with premium adhesives that will keep them sticking for treatment after treatment, they have a durable cloth backing to hold up under wear and tear, and they have a solid anchor lead that ensures even distribution of the electric current as well as prevents the premature separation of the lead from the electrode body.

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TENS Machine

TENS Machines

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