Are Empi Tens Units Junk?

Are you interested in purchasing a tens unit, but wondering if an Empi Tens unit is junk?  This article will tell you what to look for with an empi tens unit, and what factors are crucial for getting optimal tens benefits.

TENS Basics

Tens, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, is a method that utilizes an electrical current to reduce pain.  Tens is FDA approved, and has been used by medical professionals for decades in achieving optimal outcomes with their patients.  With the introduction of a home empi tens unit, patients are now able to continue to benefit from their tens treatment even after being formally discharged from medical care. There are a number of benefits that tens provides including decreased pain, reduced inflammation, improved function, increased mobility, and improved strength.

Empi Tens Units

Empi TensAn actual empi tens unit is typically about the size of a pager or cell phone.  Being so small makes them extremely portable and versatile in their use.  The electrical current is carried from the empi tens unit through leads that attach to tens electrodes surrounding the treatment area of the body.  A quality tens electrode is absolutely crucial for the transfer of the electrical current to the targeted area.  Empi is an established company that has been in the empi tens unit business for years – so they are one of the most recognizable names.

Are Empi Tens Units Worth The Cost?

There are a number of Empi tens units on the market today.  Units range in features and price widely, but it is important to consider a few things before buying to make sure that the empi tens unit you purchase is worth the cost.  First, the electrical current transferred using an empi tens unit is essentially the same regardless of the cost of the unit.  What makes the cost vary so much between units?  Simple.  You pay for additional features such as a digital display, timers, rechargeable batteries, pre-programmed settings, etc.  Are they worth it?  That depends.

In considering if an empi tens unit is worth the cost it is important to consider who is paying for it.  If you have insurance, check with your provider about any copay you would be responsible for if you purchased an empi tens unit.  Secondly, ask them if they have any approved durable medical providers that they prefer to work with. If you would be paying for the unit with cash, you should be able to get a baseline model that will do everything you need it to do for as little as $40-$50.  You will need a script from a licensed medical doctor regardless of whether you pay cash or use your insurance.

Order Your Empi Tens Unit Electrodes Today

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TENS Machine

TENS Machines

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