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Looking for quality Estim electrodes at heavily discounted prices?  We will reveal the best place to purchase high-quality estim electrodes, as well as how to get them for a fraction of the price that you could pay.

Benefits Of Estim

Estim ElectrodesEstim, or electrical stimulation, has a multitude of proven benefits that have been used by the medical community for decades in helping patients.  With the invention of the home TENS unit, patients are now able to continue receiving the benefits of electrical sitmulation long after they are discharged from their medical practitioner.

Just a few of the benefits of estim include:  reduced pain, increased function, improved strength, decreased inflammation, and less need for costly ongoing healthcare visits and drugs.  Many people with chronic pain are able to use their TENS unit to effectively reduce or eliminate their need for pharmaceutical drugs to help control their pain.  Estim is just as effective with new pain, as it is with chronic pain.

Purpose Of Estim Electrodes

Electrical stimulators use estim electrodes to pass the electrical current from the machine to the targeted treatment area on an individual’s body.  A good estim electrode will create an even distribution of the electrical current, the adhesive will last for treatment after treatment, and the construction of the electrode will allow for continued used due to its strong anchoring.

Estim electrodes typically come in a pack of 4, and are reusable for multiple treatments.  The skin should be cleaned before using your electrical stimulator to both enhance the conductivity of the skin, and to reduce the premature loss of adhesiveness of the electrode.  With proper maintenance and cleaning of the skin, you should be able to get 20-30 treatments out of a premium electrode – while cheaper electrodes will only last a handful of treatments.

Who Makes The Best Estim Electrodes? delivers the highest quality electrodes available on the market today, and they also deliver them at the absolute best prices that you will be able to find.  In fact, is consistently 50-90% less than their competitors.  The fact that their estim electrodes last longer, makes their electrodes even more cost effective.’s electrodes have a high-quality adhesive that will last at least 20-30 treatments, a premium cloth-backing, and a solid anchor lead into the electrode body that makes their construction as solid as you can buy.  No one else comes near to matching both the quality and the price of’s estim electrodes.

Order Your Tens Unit Electrodes Today

Our Tens unit electrodes are 2″ x 2″ (50mm x 50mm), cloth mesh-backed, self-adhesive electrodes. They are carbon backed, used for multiple types of electrical stimulation, have strongly bonded leads to the electrode body, and reusable for many, many applications.

TENS Machine

TENS Machines

Simply select the TENS unit electrodes package you’d like from the drop down menu. Also, we charge only $3.50 per order for shipping/handling within the USA, regardless of the order size! Prices start at $2.99/pack and drop to $2.39/pack with the largest combination pack. No one in the business will offer anywhere near the quality of Tens unit electrodes at these bottom-floor prices! Order your TENS unit electrodes today and take advantage of our unbeatable pricing and fast shipping!

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